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In honor of transitioning our son Hendrix from our room to his nursery (he is 2 years old, pray for us haha!) I thought I’d blog on his nursery that I put so much love into. When creating Hendrix’s room I wanted a bright and airy gender neutral space with a whimsical vibe, a playful room with an emphasis on nature. I feel like one of the best starts to defining the space was wall color. We started by painting the walls a light grey with a very light blue undertone. During this process I learned that there are literally a million shades of grey! There are greys with lavender undertones, blue, green, silver, etc. So it took several swatches and samples to find our perfect hue, but it was totally worth it, take your time and have fun with it. The ceiling was already a light baby green when we moved into the house and so we left it that way, I think it gives the room a little funky flair. I kept nursery rather simple, filling it with necessities and art. My Mother purchased th

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